With great saudade, the last day of #Concorto2019 screenings has come. We will fight against this spleen with several short films and a concert that you can’t miss.

At Palazzo Ghizzoni at 6pm there will be a meeting called “Poeti in Emilia” with the documentary “Mat Scuri – L’ultimo Diogene” and the short film “Pausa” by Alberto Esse.

At 9pm at Parco Raggio, the evening will start with the moving Georgian short film “Eraser”, followed by the long-awaited animation Bavure by the famous director Donato Sansone; the first block will be closed by the equally awaited “White Echo” by Chloë Sevigny. The fiction Prisoner of Society, focused on a transgender story, opens the second block, followed by “The Boogeywoman”, which brings us to a horror and adolescent America , and “How it feels to be hungover”, a Swedish weird story. The animation/trip Acid Rain officially closes the festival screenings.

Afterwards, one of the cinema’s milestones, namely “La Jetée” by Chris Marker (1966) with the music of the Cinestasia group!
Do not miss the Focus Russia (here the reviews) and the Deep Night section (here the reviews).

Do not forget that in case of rain, you will find us at the OMI cinema in Pontenure. Please follow the weather forecast updates on our FB, Instragam and Twitter’s pages.


Eraser -Davit Pirtskhalava
As seen by Vanessa Mangiavaca

Every action always involves a reaction. Chance or causality, which one rules our lives? Eraser is based on a complex cause and effect system. A man steals some wood from a fence to warm his family. This will be the tragic force of the action, the spark that will lead to the destruction of a family and the personal condemnation of a man, devastated by guilt. The Georgian director Davit Pirtskhalava invites us to think about what is right and what wrong, how can an action have irreversible effects on other individuals. The camera remains impartial, it observes but it does not want to be the judge. Authentic questions by children remain unsolved: no adult or God will be able to answer them.

Bavure – Donato Sansone
As seen by Yorgos Kostianis

A humble paintbrush assumes unprecedented powers in this bravura display of eye-popping, mind-bending, and body-morphing ingenuity by the maverick Italian animator Donato Sansone. His film portrays the evolution of a human being from his creation to his awareness of the mysteries of the universe. It is a metaphor of the creation of the world and a parable of the artistic process.

White Echo – Chloë Sevigny
As seen by Carlotta Magistris

This is the third short film written and directed by Chloe Sevigny, a well known name of the film industry, presented at the last Cannes Film Festival. White Echo is an all-female horror film about the relationship between life and death and about rituality in order to evoque it. Warm interiors and dark exteriors, suffering, fear and then terror, all painted in the close-ups dedicated to the main character in an ascending emotional climax with an ending that winks at the genre from which it comes.

Prisoner of Society – Rati Tsiteladze
As seen by Sofia Brugali

Adelina is a transgender woman who has been confined to her house for over a decade, because it was the only way to protect herself from the prejudices of the Georgian society. Rati Tsiteladze’s documentary is a safe space in which she and her family can confess, it is a mirror for their minds. The limits of parents’ love, unable to understand their kid, are evident (Adelina’s dad asking himself if the whole situation is a joke on him is heartbreaking), but what strikes spectators’ feelings the most is Adelina’s sorrow. She is not only a prisoner of a body to which she does not belong, but also a prisoner of the whole society, as we can understand from the title. The intimate atmosphere, in which Adelina can freely express her true feminine self, is combined with images of a narrow-minded and violent community. Freedom is exchanged for life, but does life exist without freedom?

The Boogeywoman –  Erica Scoggins
As seen by Vanessa Mangiavacca

When I first got my period, I was terrified of looking into a boy’s eyes and being labelled as an impure, dirty human being. That of Erica Scoggins is a provocative dark story about adolescence: Sam’s first period merges in fact with a local legend, that of the Boogeywoman. The woman’s
development is surrounded by an aura of myths, nourished over the centuries, which always defined this phenomenon “demonic”. The “Boogeyman” we were always told about changes now sex, becoming a sort of XXI century Lilith, who came just to have her revenge. Every woman has her Boogeywoman, a dark side which is both damnation and salvation. This short film is a homage to the power of female seduction, as well as the awareness that is our only the weapon to bend the patriarchy.

How it feels to be hungover – Viktor Hertz
As seen by Margherita Fontana

If hangover was a clinical condition treated in specific heath centres, what would happen? Viktor Hertz exlains it in How it feels to be hangover, one of the funniest comedies at the Concorto 2019. In the end, intoxication or dehydration are not the worst evil to be remedied, but the guilt. And for that there is only one cure.

Acid Rain – Tomasz Popakul
As seen by Elena Saltarelli

Acid Rain, animated short film by Polish director Tomek Popakul, describes how difficult it is to grow up and at the same time to fall in love with a person who is not the one for you. In this schizophrenic, enriched with ascending and lysergic tones, narrative we see the main character asking a stranger to go with her, embarking on a journey that will bring her close to drugs, degradation and violence.
It is easy, even too easy, not to know what you want during that delicate transition from adolescence to adulthood, and the consequence is ending up trapped in a vortex that we caused on our own, but that we do not know how to end before things get bad, very bad.

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