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Curated by Elena Saltarelli

A camel can survive ten days without drinking. A donkey can’t.

As every year, there is no festival without the traditional lunch at the Cantina Tenuta Pernice, a bucolic farmhouse upon Borgonovo Val Tidone, where the international guests (and not just them) can feast with what the generous province of Piacenza offers them.
Initially crestfallen (mostly because of the deep rock’n’roll allure that usually accompanies the post projections nights) we suddenly came to our senses, with the lavish appetizer offered by the owner, matched with an optimal rosé.
Refreshed, we got ready for the walk through the wonderful vineyards, experienced as a pilgrimage: the awful heat of the southern Europe’s August didn’t stop even the most Nordic of the guests, excited by the possibility to grasp and touch some bunch of grapes during the walk.

But the true jewel of the day was the lunch: cured meats and tortelli “with the tail” did their proud entrance, accompanied by the famous mushroom’s sauce, extremely appreciated by the guests.
We concluded, to match the superb Grana Padano, with a special balsamic vinegar coming from grape must, obviously a Pernice™ trade mark.
As postprandial moment the team divided between those who went to a short trip to the bottling area and those who (including the undersigned) stayed on the splendid balcony shooting some interviews, with a delicious Sbrisolona cake and a glass of sweet Malvasia.

Our sincere thanks goes to Tenuta Pernice as festival’s partner and friend, to the many guests who appreciated a food and wine’s heritage in some cases extremely far from theirs, in a fil rouge which bonded Finland, Greece, Japan and Germany, and to everyone who contributed to create that inclusion atmosphere without which none of this would be possible.

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