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After last night’s flaming festival première – bustling with numerous people delightfully entertained by the overwhelming piano performance of Umberto Petrin – we start today the second day of #Concorto2018 mainly dedicated to art.
At 6pm, we’ll start with the inauguration of the wonderful exhibition ANIMA MUNDI by DEM (an artist of international renown as well as author of the Concorto’s poster in 2014) who will expose his works along with those of Hitnes (author of Concorto’s poster in 2017) and Silvia Idili, author of this year’s poster. The exhibition will be open to the public every day until August 25 th from 11am to 7pm, at Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli with free entry. We will then move to Parco Raggio for the screenings of the films in competition. Tonight will be opened by Ligne Noire, a surreal tale marked by the Muezzin’s chants; Babies by Yuval Shapira – who will be our guest this year– will entertain us with the dream-like night wanderings of a mother while Câm Lang will show us the ineluctable fate of a Vietnamese girl. Euphoria is the last film in competition and it tells the story of a friendship born during a purebred dog contest. A special event will follow: the screening of the documentary Pico – Un parlante de Africa en America by Invernomuto!
At 11.30pm rendezvous at the Greenhouse for the screening of the short films included in the UBIK category – reviews will follow – and Focus Africa, find all the reviews here. Below you can find the interview to Yuval Shapira (Babies). Enjoy the show!

Ligne Noire – Mark Olexa, Francesca Scalisi
as seen by Silvia Alberti

The Muezzin, from the top of the minaret, marks the day of the devotees inviting them to pray. But the melody does not hesitate to turn into a litany, on a plain background, which loses importance compared to the main framing. A woman is fishing in murky waters, but nothing seems to stop her. Conscious, she ignores the voices around her and goes on fishing. In line with a plain and suspended landscape without location.

Babies – Yuval Shapira
as seen by Margherita Fontana

A mother is woken by her baby’s cries, but she has nothing to feed him. The woman, as she stands, barefoot and still wearing her nightgown, leaves him alone to go out. The gesture might look like the consequence of a desperate decision but it looks more like the inevitable result of an uncontrollable chain of events. It’s an invisible force, an ineludible force which drags her away from her home towards a series of surreal nocturnal encounters. The human and architectural landscape depicted in the short film features geometrical spaces populated by ghosts, sick people, refugees and soldiers. The great nocturnal picture by Ilya Marcus brings the audience in front of this strange array of people out of their context.

Câm Lang – Thien An Pham
as seen by Sofia Brugali

Downpour plays in the background during the night before the marriage of a Vietnamese girl, whose internal journey expresses itself in gestures and facial expressions. Like the protagonist, the short film itself is mute: dialogues are minimized, but that doesn’t mean that the inner conflict of the bride-to-be is less intense. We follow her while she’s going around her city, we spy her while she’s in symmetrical sequences inconsistent wih her messy pursuit of Love. The epilogue seems to be the passive acceptance of a bond imposed by her family, the submission to an intrusive religion: “mute” is the state of being of a girl who can’t choose her destiny.

Euphoria – Natalia Pietsch
as seen by Yorgos Kostianis

Natalia Pietsch dives into the world of purebred dog show following the daily life of the owners of pedigree poodles, Euphoria and Frodo. The film focuses on the gruelling and pedantic grooming of the dogs in preparation for the harsh judgement of the critics. However, the show will also put the friendship of the two women to the test while they both compete for the judges’ favours.

The 99 steps keft from the square – Sevgi Eker
as seen by Claudia Praolini


Jaques Lacan’s quote opening the film is like the treble clef at the beginning of a staff: it warns us we are about to enter a visual realm where the what’s real, symbolic and imaginary will define the space for interpretation. The great visive suggestion in this short film lies in an enigmatic nocturnal light imbuing a space explored by a camera moving within a slow and fluctuating subjectivity; it’s a totally autonomous eye unveiling a scene where the characters move according to a pre-arranged plan whose meaning is left to our imagination. What we can perceive is the existence of an inside – a courtyard crawling with symbolical creatures, and an outside where a rite is performed. We can only imagine that rite by lending
our ear to the echoing sounds or looking for its reflection in the gaze of the contemplating characters who are busy repeating their mise-en-scène. Let’s don’t forget we are moving within man’s deepest space: that of the unconscious, a space concealing a still unsolved primeval enigma reconnecting the Homo Sapiens to the ancient rift with Nature, a rift filled with our fears and desires whose recollection can only be possible within the dimension of dreams and metaphors.

Find Fix Finish – Sylvain Cruiziat
as seen by Yorgos Kostianis

Have you ever stepped on an anthill without giving it a second thought? That’s what the job of military drone operators feels like.
Sylvain Cruiziat and Mila Zhluktenko’s university project delves into the stories of three US-Drone pilots, blowing the whistle on the clandestine operational strategies practiced by the US Government.
The film cunningly juxtaposes the chilling recounts of the pilots with aerial images of familiar surroundings and day-to-day peaceful life; urging the viewer to reflect upon the harrowing feelings of immense power, paradoxical intimacy and detached cruelty experienced by the operators.