Curated by Sofia Brugali

In a world in which information is globalized and individuals lose their dignity as humans, ending up being number if far away and “invaders” if near by, it is necessary to promote campaigns such They are Syria.
Co-funded by the European Union and the German government, the project is made up of three short documentaries, that deal with the reality of the Syrian conflict in the eyes of the ones whose life was messed up by the war.


The violence of fighting isn’t the only common thread that links the three short movies. Though surely and menacingly implicit, force is left in the background: the main characters are men and women linked by their experience of exile and their willingness to start over.

In We will return, my love we follow Saleh, Marwa and their daughter Tasnim during their forced journey from Aleppo to Idlib and then towards Turkey.

Gharsa is the story of Ula al-Jundi, activist torn between Sweden, where she was granted asylum, and Lebanon, where she leads an empowerment program for Syrian women.

Then there is Exiled at home, the lonely stay of the writer Khaled Khalifeh in the city of Aleppo, ruined by the bomb.