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text and reviews by Rael Montecucco

There’s no Concorto without midnight screenings. And there is no midnight screenings without the DEEP NIGHT spot. The date with the most extreme and particular cinema will recur again this year and during three nights (in the beautiful setting of Parco Raggio’s greenhouse) will try to give goose bumps to Concorto’s audience. Deep Night is a journey between horror and thriller, nightmare and surreal, with a glimpse to grotesque and black comedy. Twelve short films from every part of the world which vary between classical cinema (e.g. the dreamlike Dejà Vu and the catchy Oppassen), liminal cinema (the surreal and stunning Botanica) and even touch on the scope of the most fierce satira (Conte Cruel) and actual political cinema (PYOTR495). In short, it’ll be fun once again!

The selected movies

selected by Rael Montecucco – Gli Sbandati

BOTANICA by Loozen Noël, The Netherlands, 2017
CONTE CRUEL, UN DIMANCHE A LA CHASSE by Guéguen Hugues, France, 2017
DEATH METAL by Chris McInroy, USA, 2016
DEJÁ VU by Labonté LeMoyne Olivier, Canada, 2017
FUCKING DRAMA by Podogil Michael, Austria, 2017
HYPOCONDRIAQUE di Steve Landry Carnior, Canada, 2018
OPPASSEN di Nasr Shariff, The Netherlands, 2017
PYOTR495 by Blake Mawson, Canada, 2016
THE COUPLE ENJOY A BATH by John Angus Stewart, Australia, 2017
THE ELECTRIC CHAIR by Zverev Eugeny, Russia, 2017
SMEAR by Kate Herron, UK, 2017
WRITER’S BLOCK by Mendez Giner Alex, Messico/USA/Venezuela, 2017

BOTANICA – Loozen Noël

Fertility problems for a man who, oh irony, works in a gardening store. Love, pride and unorthodox solutions in a short film which puts surreal vibes together with visual-impact sequences. You won’t forget it easily.


In the French countryside Titi and her friends enjoy a hunting trip. Looking for a very special prey. Hugues has made a fierce short film, appreciated for its strong and bloody sequences, while dealing with a subject as topical as immigration and racism in a clever and dramatically grotesque way. Not for the squeamish.

DEATH METAL – Chris McInroy

A lame metalhead takes his revenge on the world when he finds a… special electric guitar. The bloodiest movie of Concorto. Hail, metal.

DEJÁ VU – Labonté LeMoyne Olivier

The feeling of déjà vu, i.e. to relive an event as already happened in the past, has been one of the most catchy suggestions for cinema of every genre for years. In this Canadian movie the young protagonist gradually loses touch with reality, swallowed up by her obsessions and nightmares. A psychological horror written and directed impeccably by LeMoyne Olivier.

FUCKING DRAMA – Podogil Michael

Ah, the deathless charm of theatre. A young couple agree to see an experimental theatre piece in a dungeon. Everything seems to be the perfect amount of hipster and edgy, until the author of the play, Manfred Amour, enters the stage like a tsunami. The life of the two young will never be the same. Austrian Michael has made a great short film, concerning the limits of art and its impact on the life of people. One of the best movies that you’ll watch during Deep Night this year.

HYPOCONDRIAQUE – Steve Landry Carnior

There’s nothing worse than arguing with your significant other in the middle of a long trip. Especially when you have to travel for hours on a desert planet. This Canadian sci-fi comedy teaches us that it’s really, really important to pay attention to your lover’s complaints, if you don’t want to run into nasty surprises.

OPPASSEN – Nasr Shariff

There’s something strange in grandfather’s behaviour. Little Ayman’s visit to his old man will soon become an endless nightmare. From The Netherlands, a funny short film which plays with horror genre’s clichés to let the spectator jump out of his chair. Shyamalan The Visit has already gained a follower.

PYOTR495 – Blake Mawson

This Canadian film, set in contemporary Russia, was shown at some of the world’s major festivals and now is at Concorto. Under the filmmaker Blake Mawson’s magnifying glass there are homophobia and violence, which reign supreme in Putin’s domain even now. The protagonist of this horror story, unfortunatly very little fictional, is Alex Ozerov (actor in series like The Americans and Orphan Black).


What is probably the most chilling movie of the whole section comes from Australia. A couple enjoy a warm bath quietly at home, talking about this and that. We can’t go further. We’ll leave you to the rough footages of Stuart John Angus’ short film. Definitely not family-friendly.


Never mess with fire, let alone an electric chair. From Russia a “drama” full of plot twists and tension. High tension.

SMEAR – Kate Herron

It is difficult to briefly describe Kate Herron’s short film, but I will try to: pap test, tentacles, vagina, screams, chaos. Don’t you understand? Probably for the best, you will for sure enjoy this hilarious English horror comedy.

WRITER’S BLOCK – Mendez Giner Alex

A writer in crisis starts to receive some mysterious packages whose content is ambiguous. The writer’s block will disappear, but something even more worrying is right on the horizon. A classical thriller that builds piece by piece a disturbing and uncanny reality before the spectator’s eyes.

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