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article and reviews by Rael Montecucco

This year we wanted to add a touch of evil to Concorto’s screen programming. Actually, “evil” might be a bit extreme, but if you happen to pop at the greenhouse in Parco Raggio after the official screenings you’ll see what I mean. Horrors, thrillers and weirdos: this (and much more) is Concorto’s DEEP NIGHT, a selection of 17 shorts from all over the world that will close the quite rich daily programme. In this selection, we’ve put together some classic horror themes (vampires, clown-killers, exorcisms, serial killers and so on) with other movies that go from surreal fantasy to contemporary thriller, with an eye for the weird and unusual. We will keep a high pace and you won’t get bored; well, maybe put the kids to bed or distract them with a fidget spinner, some shorts are not exactly children-friendly (unless your offspring fancies cannibalism and torture). We await you at the greenhouse after midnight for the DEEP NIGHT, a not-be-missed ritual of cinema, blood and laughing (more or less hysteric).

Theselected shorts

by Rael Montecucco e Alessandro Zucconi – Concorto Film Festival

16.03, Natalia Siwicka, Poland
BAD DOG, Tom Putnam, Usa
BEHIND, Ángel Gómez Hernández, Spain
FE (Faith), Juan De Dios Garduño, Spain
GEORGE, Benjamin Gigon, France
GREAT CHOICE, Robin Comisar, USA
JE SUIS TOUT PRÉS (I’m very close), Raphael K, France
JULES D., Norma Vila, Spain
MARTIEN, Maxime Pilloniel, Switzerland
REWIND, Rubén Pérez Barrena, Spain
SAL (Salt), Diego Freitas, Brazil
STACEY AND THE ALIEN, Nelson Polfliet, Belgium
UN HOMBRE DULCE (A sweet man), Javier Chavanel, Spain
WANDERING SOUL, Josh Tanner, Australia
UM MA GA JOA? A PPA GA JOA?(Who do you love more, mom or dad?), Son Kwang Su, Korea

16.03 – Natalia Siwicka

This section’s best film comes from Poland. Of course, I have personally decided that this is DEEP NIGHT’s best short but I’m sure you’ll agree with me once you’ve seen it. 16.03 is a breath-taking film with a mind-blowing final twist. Two things add up to its uniqueness: a standing-ovation direction and stunning (plus, great) female protagonist. Not to be missed.

BAD DOG – Tom Putnam

In the middle of the night, a noisy little dog wakes up a sweet little girl. Only this is a very peculiar doggy and she is a very peculiar girl. Three minutes full of tension with a nice surprise at the end.

BEHIND – Ángel Gómez Hernández 

What would you do is someone tells you that a strange presence lurks behind your back? Maybe nothing but I bet you’ll get a bit anxious. Sooner or later, the female protagonist of this has to face this mysterious and menacing presence.


After touring all the major world’s festival (receiving awards at Sitges and Toronto), Rob Savage’s movie arrives now in Concorto. Dawn of the Deaf is a powerful and clever short that – in 11 minutes sharp – speaks about disabilities, violence and discrimination with no rhetoric through horror’s atypical language. You can’t miss it.

FE – Juan De Dios Garduño

A classic exorcism tale: a possessed child, desperate parents, a priest. If you like this kind of stuff, you’ll appreciate it.

GEORGE – Benjamin Gigon

If a well-mannered gentleman with hat and glasses rings your bell asking for George, do not open the door for any reason. An evil, funny and sadistic thriller.

GREAT CHOICE – Robin Comisar

Starring Carrie Coon (The Leftovers’s fan will recognise her), this US short is a hallucinating trip inside a fast food commercial. Take some LSD and sit watching TV with the same ad for hours; this is more or less the experience you’ll get by watching this movie. Über cool.


Take two minutes and play with the kids of this French short movie. A scary divertissement that will knock you off your chair. The point of reference: Lights Out. Do you wanna play?

JULES D. – Norma Vila

What was your child’s dream? Jules has always wanted to be a vampire. This award-winner movie (it got prizes all over the world including Best Short at San Sebastián) is a grotesque and ironic gothic tale you’ll easily fall in love with.

MARTIEN – Maxime Pillonel 

Maxime Pillonel’s short is not a horror nor a thriller but it is such a weird and funny movie that we’ve decided to put it in DEEP NIGHT anyway. A deaf clerk gets involved in a robbery that turns into total shambles. Nice indeed.

REWIND – Rubén Pérez Barrena

Who wouldn’t love being shut up in one own’s school for Halloween? Atmosphere (and music) straight from the 80’s for this Spanish teen horror movie. Stranger Things fans will appreciate.

SAL – Diego Freitas

A much-awaited meeting, a pleasant dinner set up in every detail by two men who are about to have a special dinner. The menu includes meat. With a bit of salt. From Brazil one of the “toughest” shorts of the whole selection.

SPELL CLAIRE – Greg Emetaz

One shouldn’t be partial but this is one of my favourite movies. Greg Emetez short tells the love story between a young nerd girl and her… Speak and Spell (yes, the toy). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’re a spoiled Millennial. Anyway, Spell Claire is a funny little jewel.

STACEY AND THE ALIEN – Nelson Polfliet

Some films leave a mark because of the story, others for the beauty of the images, others for a twist in the plot. This will be stuck in your mind because of a dance in the woods. And a song. Enough said.

UN HOMBRE DULCE – Javier Chavanel

A man takes the garbage out and finds himself facing a huge mouse eating some cotton candy. From this point on is total delirium. A grotesque and disquieting short.


The short is Australian but it’s set in Vietnam; two Vietcong are hiding in a tunnel dealing with the spirits of the dead. Dark and claustrophobic atmospheres.


From Asia (and how could it be otherwise?) the “toughest” short of the whole DEEP NIGHT section. It features a girl and a maniac. The title might suggest you the rest. A delightful punch in the gut.

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