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curated by Rael Montecucco

Deep Nightis one of the most anticipated retrospectives of the Concorto Film Festival, where outside the box stories and artists meet. It was first created in 2016 as a space dedicated to horror movies, and then evolved over the years. It now includes animated and experimental movies, with the goal of surprising and challenging the viewer to experience a new kind of cinema. Year after year, Deep Night looks for the most inspired and original artists, who not only bring out the fantasy genre that we’re all already familiar with, but also try to transform and modernize its codes and conventions. Once again this year, Deep Night will take place during three nights in the stunning Teatro Serra di Parco Raggio: by enjoying the movies with wireless headphones, the experience will be all the more immersive and captivating.

The selected shorts

by Rael Montecucco

A Folded Ocean, Ben Brewer, USA, 2022
Astrogolem, Thorsten Fleisch, GER, 2023
Chomp it!, Lee Shuen Lam, Mark Chua, SG, 2023
Gnomes, Ruwan Heggelman, NED, 2022
Koerkorter (Dog-apartment), Priit Tender, EST, 2022
L’isola dei Resuscitati Morti, Domenico Montixi, ITA, 2022
La Montagna del Sapone, Christina G. Hadley, ITA, 2023
Le Misanthrope, Noa Epars, SWI, 2022
Nurture, Sasha Argirov, CAN, 2022
O, Dominik Balkow, GER, 2022
Saft, Mona Keil, GER, 2022
SOS Extase, Esteban Sanchez del Rio, FRA, 2022
Vulvine, Reine d’extase, Théo Guyot, Ming Chieh Chang, Mary Yanko, Nawel Bahamou, Clémence Andre, FRA, 2022

A FOLDED OCEAN: Two lovers engage in an endless sexual intercourse that will bring them together for life. Or might that be the end of/for them? A little romantic body horror analysing couple relationships.

ASTROGOLEM: Nikola Tesla, Alan Turing and a robot version of Marie Curie are the main characters of this odd, yet surprising, animation. A combination of love, science and demons, set in a fantasy world where science and supernatural elements coexist.

CHOMP IT!: Two crocodile men enjoy a relaxing afternoon by the pool while trying to keep their instincts under control.

GNOMES: A mass of killer gnomes attacks a young runner in the woods. An absolute gem combining splatter with comedy.

KOERKORTER: In a kolkhoz, a former dancer that fell into disgrace tries to get by and not founder, while fighting depression, alcohol problems and his dog-shaped house. This stop motion animation brings together a surreal and fantasy setting with Kaurismaki’s films.

L’ISOLA DEI RESUSCITATI MORTI: An expedition on an island in the middle of nowhere, where a mysterious scientist lives, quickly turns into a nightmare for the main characters. A tribute to 70s and 80s zombie films, with Lucio Fulci in the heart. A rare Made in Italy gem.

LA MONTAGNA DEL SAPONE (II-III-IV-V): A sharp journey in the twists and turns of the World Wide Web and its hassles. An experimental CGI animation, where four chapters of Christina G. Hadley’s multimedia project will catapult us into an insane world: a world we all want to run away from but, unfortunately, we are already its prisoners.

LE MISANTHROPE: a pike meditates on humans’ existence and on their self-centered and self-destructive drift. This experimental short film is brilliant and ironic, for a better world with less people and more fishes.

NURTURE: A house, a man, and an ill old woman. Sasha Argirov’s film explores in a surrealistic and rough way the overturning of a mother-son relationship, through some hypnotic black and white shots. Rearing, resentment, love, violence.

O: A woman develops an obsession for a hole in the wall, which leads her to falling into a vortex of madness and self-harm. A mysterious and claustrophobic horror film with no way out.

SOS EXTASE: An odd travel agency organizes a trip into a parallel dimension where you can meet and have a “close” relationship with him: a giant latex alien. A funny queer-scifi-comedy packed with colours and disgusting fluids.

VULVINE, REINE D’EXTASE: A bored queen falls in love with Death. She is willing to do everything possible to satisfy her own desires. This animation, created by 10 people, tells a legend which wisely combines erotism, sadism, and gothic.

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