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curated by Vanessa Mangiavacca and Yorgos Kostianis

Do you remember the band Santo California? Apparently their fame stretched out all the way to Mexico, conquering the ears and hearts of many, including Victor Orozco. Certainly no stranger to Concorto, with a shared history that can be retracted back to 2013 with his short film Reality 2.0, he was a member of the jury the following year and would again participate in the official competition in 2018 with 32-Rbit as well as in 2020 with Revolykus. There are many things to say about Victor, but we like to remember him for the most flabbergasting arrival in Concorto’s history, when in 2018 he arrived in Piacenza full of surprises (see photo).


Victor Orozco Ramirez graduated in Industrial Design in the University of Guadalajara and also in Documentary film in the Academy of Fine Arts of Hamburg. He founded Gremiodiseño (Design and Art laboratory) in 1999. Until 2012 he organized in Germany, Ecuador and Mexico the film festival “ambulart”, a cultural project which aims to foment a film exchange between Germany and Latin-American. He has directed a variety of animation and documentary short films.

1 – If you’d have to present yourself with solely one of your films, which one would you choose?

I will pick up the newest one because it represents my actual self. That is why I will pick up Revolykus but unfortunately it is not yet online that, so 32-Rbit will have to do.

2 – A short film you’d put in a time capsule for future generations to watch.

Every day, every day by Reem Karssli – 2013

For me Every day, every day should be seen by future generations because even in the wrong place at the wrong time it is possible to capture beauty and the minutes of hope and peace that nature can provide.

3 – Your go-to film for when you get the blues.

Missing one player by Lei Lei – 2015

Oh cherie, cherie, if I feel a little depressed I don’t really watch films. I prefer Italian romantic music of the 70s or 80s like Drupi, Tozzi, Ricchi e Poveri, Fiordaliso or  I Santo California. My thing is Amore chorus and kitsch. But if I had to pick up a film I would select Missing one player this avant-garde work has the capacity to send me into this mood.

4 – A psychotropic animation that sends you down the rabbit hole.

Belladonna of Sadness by Eiichi Yamamoto – 1973

This is not a short film but Belladonna of Sadness fills the concept of psychotropic perfectly.

5 – A short film that you consider a hallmark in short film history.

The House Is Black by Forugh Farrokhzad – 1962

The house is black is my personal hallmark because the film defined the way I make and see films. In this film pain and beauty are poetically interlaced. Especially relevant to me is the montage.

6 – A short film that left you gawking speechlessly at the screen.

Unfortunately I have not yet seen a film that left me speechless but I am pretty sure that A Weekend In Germany or Be Loved by Jan Soldat will have that effect on a lot of people. I searched for the films on the internet but it is impossible to find them.

7 – A short film that gets you in the mood.

Tape Generations by Johan Rijpma – 2011

Every time I watch a film by Johan Rijpma I feel great. His films are artistic and mathematical. A very refreshing mix. 

8 – What’s your fondest memory of Concorto?

I especially remember that we went to swim in a river whose name I have unfortunately forgotten. Right now it is not easy to find a clean river and the last time I had that experience I was a kid. I felt like a siren and had a great time. It was the perfect environment, with the perfect company and the perfect talk. But still I want to mention L’angolo, the great food and the films in Parco Raggio and especially all my friends!!

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